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Swan Smiles and Orthodontics

Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

Age 12 to 19

Let’s face it, parents, you have plenty to worry about with your teens: their grades, friends, hygiene, and oftentimes their current whereabouts. At least you can trust the staff at Swan Smiles and Orthodontics to help with their smile. You may have questions like: Does my teenager HAVE to have braces? Why? How long will they be on? Why should I even care about an overbite? Can my teen get Invisalign? What will happen if they don’t get braces?

Mom, Dad…we get it. A teenager's smile is an important part of who they are and how they view themselves. We’ve got you covered!

At Swan Smiles and Orthodontics, we realize that every teen is different. So when it’s time for braces each teen will need to find the type of treatment that will get them the most functional, best-looking, most efficient result possible. Some Teens will need braces and rubber-bands, while others will use Invisalign. Some may even require jaw surgery to correct their jaw relationships. At Swan Smiles and Orthodontics we treat each teen as the unique individual they are.

At your first appointment, you’ll meet the Swan Ortho team who will take you through the record-gathering appointment by taking pictures and a 3-dimensional scan of your head and teeth. After we gather all of this info, we’ll talk you through the different treatment options and answer any questions you may have. We want your teen to have a comfortable and functional bite all while developing an AMAZING, confident smile!

Dr. Swan has a great way of relating to teens and making them feel comfortable. He’ll guide them through the ortho process in a fun and energetic way. Come ask us any and all questions about your teen and their teeth!

Teen Treatment Options

Classic metal brackets with wires, rubber-bands, etc. We offer both silver and rose gold options. Both are cool and both can have different colored bands at each visit.

Transparent braces paired with normal wires, etc. These can also have colored bands on them, which look really great actually.

Clear retainer-type appliance that is changed a few times a month to move teeth incrementally.

Braces that go on the back-side (tongue-side) of your teeth.


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