If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Such an AMAZING experience at Nephi Smiles! My seven-year-old is usually terrified to go to the dentist, but Dr. Yates and his assistant Saryn made him feel so comfortable. Plus, the dental work done went great! We will be back!” — Chantel R.

“Very pleased with how they treated my kids. Felt very personable and like my kids mattered so much to them. Definitely planning on staying with them.” — Lizzy J.

“I had a great experience today. I told him of my concerns and he addressed them to my relief. The staff are very friendly and professional.” — Lisa M.

“Dr. Swan is amazing! He treats me like an individual and not another person, and he is really good to help and find what needs to be done to keep my teeth healthy. They educated me on what I need to do and not do for my teeth. The assistants are amazing with my kids and my kids actually look forward to going to the dentist.” — Kellie C.

“My first time visiting Nephi Smile was a great experience. The doctor and the staff were very pleasant and welcoming. The doctor was great! He was concerned about what I wanted and would like to do and explained a lot of the details so I understood, and all of them were very concerned and caring of what I needed and if I was any pain or had any concerns. They are someone I would recommend to friends and family. I finally found somewhere I enjoyed going and concerned of the things that I wanted to be taken care of.” — Steph J.

“My toddler son is really difficult; he doesn’t really like strangers or being forced to have a cleaning, but this team gets the job done. They are so kind and they even gift the kids with balloon animals and a coin to turn in a machine for a toy. Both of my kids were asking to come back the next day and said they love the dentist.” — Andrea S.

“Very impressed with the professionalism both by staff and Dr. Yates. They helped me to feel very relaxed and confident in Dr. Yates. I would highly recommend using Dr. Yates for your dentist.” — Jackie C.

“This office is amazing. My toddler (2) and I (28) both love this place. The staff and Dr. Swan are so caring. Always making sure we are taken care of and if we have any questions before leave.” — Brooke B.

“Quick and efficient! My son likes the staff and Dr. Swan, and feels comfortable in their care. Thanks for making a not-so-great teenage rite of passage way more enjoyable!” — Heather R.

“Awesome dentist and staff. They don’t get any better than these girls. They are all very friendly and easy to talk to. The dentists are very efficient with their time and we have never had to wait more than a couple minutes.” — Jessie H.